4 Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Rolla Home

Katherine Stanislawski
Published on March 14, 2017

4 Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Rolla Home


It’s time to fling open the windows, let out that stuffy winter air and let the sunshine and fresh air in.

Spring cleaning is a huge job, but, like eating an elephant, it’s one that can be taken on one bite at a time. We’ve rounded up some simple sunshine-and-fresh-air cleaning hacks to get you started on your spring cleaning.

Wash the Windows

It doesn’t do any good to have gorgeous sunlight streaming through the windows if they’re still covered in winter grime. And, cleaning windows doesn’t have to be the time-consuming chore so many think it is.

Always wait until the sun isn’t shining on the window to begin the job. Then, gather up your tools. I’ve been using this diy recipe with great results for a couple of years now. It’s the easiest way to clean exterior windows. You’ll need a bucket, Dawn Dish soap, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, a sponge mop and hot water and a garden hose with a sprayer.

Squirt just a few drops of detergent into a bucket of hot water. Add about 1/3 cup rubbing alcohol, and 1 cup of vinegar. Wet your sponge mop in the solution and mop your windows well. Spray it down with your garden hose and watch it dry streak free. It’s always best to not wash the windows when the sun is directly on the windows so the soap doesn’t dry on the glass.


Now that the windows are clean, don’t neglect the tracks. Sliding door tracks act as a catch-all for dirt tracked in from the outdoors, pet hair and other debris. When enough gunk builds up, the door and the screen fail to work properly.

The basic track cleaning is easy; just use the vacuum cleaner to suck up the loose dirt and then a vinegar-soaked rag to clean what’s left.

Lubricate the rails with WD-40 or a non-stick silicone lubricant, such as one manufactured by Dupont that you can buy at any large hardware store or the 3M product, available at auto products retailers.

If the bottom of the sliding doors haven’t been cleaned in some time, you may want to remove the doors and clean and lubricate those as well. You’ll find a handy walk-through of the process at wikihow.com.

Dust the Blinds

We found an amazingly simple blind-cleaning hack at momasaurus.com that involves socks and kitchen tongs. Simply slide a sock over each “claw” of the tongs, secure with a rubber band and swipe each blind while pinching the tongs. Erin, Momasaurus’ diva, suggests you put on your favorite playlist and “shake your hips” as you dust – burn calories AND spring clean!

Clean Air Vents

Sure, we don’t often catch our guests looking up, but if they do, do you really want them seeing the dirt and fuzz hanging from the HVAC vent covers? Not only are dirty covers embarrassing, but they harbor allergens – something that in spring we have enough of.

The first step is to ensure that the heating/air-conditioning system is off. Then, cover anything below the vents that the grime might fall onto, such as furniture and carpets. Vacuum the vents or wipe them with a microfiber cloth. Use a magic eraser on tougher grime.

If it’s been a long time between cleanings, you may have to remove the vent covers and soak them in a sink or bathtub full of hot, soapy water. Allow them to dry completely before replacing them.

Once the vents are clean, change the main HVAC filter or wash them if they washable so you can start spring with fresh air circulating throughout the home.



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