Rolla Home Inspections Aren’t Just for Buyers

Katherine Stanislawski
Published on February 17, 2021

Rolla Home Inspections Aren’t Just for Buyers

Home inspections are not a pass or fail exam. Inspections give the Buyer a better understanding of the condition of the home, what maintenance items need to be taken care of, and allows them an opportunity to negotiate on any repairs.

Sellers pre-listing home inspection

A Sellers pre-listing home inspection is exactly the same report as a Buyer’s inspection. The difference is the Seller pays for it.

How much do home insepctions cost?

Home inspections in the Rolla, Missouri area cost between $350 – $500 Termite, lagoon, septic and well, inspections are additional costs.

Why should a Seller have their home inspected?

No Rolla home is going to be perfect but knowing upfront what items need to be repaired or tuned-up gives the Seller a lot of power. Knowing the condition of the home gives the Seller and their Realtor a better understanding of where they need to position themselves, price-wise. The Seller can choose to make repairs or replace worn or nonfunctioning systems in the home. They can also choose not to. Either way, they can reflect that decision in their asking price.

Does a Seller have to disclose what the inspection found?

Yes. The Seller has an obligation to disclose anything they know about the house. One of the biggest hurdles in a real estate transaction is getting through the inspections. If you, the Seller, know of any issues that need to be addressed, you have the opportunity to price your home accordingly and let the Buyer know upfront. Whether that inspection item has been repaired or it will be something the Buyer will need to address after their purchase, it’s always better for everyone involved to know upfront the condition of the home. Buyers will have a lot more confidence in the Sellers.

Will the Buyer still need to have the home inspected?

Although certified home inspectors have a strict guideline to follow when doing inspections, just like no two homes are exactly the same, no two home inspectors are going to be exactly the same. It’s always advisable for the Buyer to obtain their own inspection.

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