Hobby Farm Dreams

Katherine Stanislawski
Published on March 2, 2016

Hobby Farm Dreams

Are you dreaming of kicking off your heels and slipping into some work boots? Inspired to get your hands in the soil and start your own vegetable garden to have a year long supply? Can you hear the clucking and cooing of chickens free ranging? Fresh milk everyday? Beekeeping perhaps? Then you may be dreaming of a hobby farm.
Whether you call it a hobby farm or homestead, this lifestyle has gained popularity. People are longing to get back to the basics, and it doesn’t take hundreds of acres to do it.  A hobby farm or homestead can be done with as little as an acre or more of land.
If you are searching for vacant land or homes for sale Rolla MO with land there are definitely some things you should consider:

9 things to consider:


Mineral Rights





Road Access



You should plan on getting the soil tested so you know what kind of deficiencies, organic matter and nutrients are in your soil. You can have the soil test here, the University of Missouri Extension Office. Depending on the quality of your soil, it will dictate how much time and money it will cost to have it amended properly for your crops.

Owning a piece of land does not necessarily mean that you own the mineral rights. Wouldn’t it be terrible to find out after you put your gardens in to find one day someone on your land with heavy equipment digging right through your garden? This is exactly what can happen if you don’t own the mineral rights. Be sure to read the sellers disclosure and see whether the mineral rights are in tact and make it part of your contract with the seller.
Where will your water come from? Is there an existing well on the property or will you have to drill one? The Missouri Department of Natural Resources can provide you with an estimate of how deep a well you may need and possibly information on an existing well. You can find more information here. Having a well installed is an added expense that you will need to take in to account. Do you want property with a pond or stream to play in? A pond or creek can be a source of water for your animals and garden.
Topography, the lay of the land. Obviously, you’ll want to plan your garden where there is the least chance of soil erosion. However, you may not want just flat pasture. You may like sloping hills or a 360º view. Also keep in mind where you plan on positioning your house, well, waste management system and where any of your outbuildings will go.
How far away from the city do you want to be? Do you expect to leave your office at 5:00 pm and be pulling into your driveway by 5:15? Or do you want to be far and clear from the city? Do you want to see nothing but the stars at night and prefer the sound of your rooster crowing instead of the sound of your neighbor pulling out of his garage in the morning? If you have children keep in mind that their music lessons and practices can add to a lot of driving to and from your homestead. There are a lot of beautiful Rolla real estate for sale that are just outside the city limits and have acreage. Many of them are already set up for animals. Also, no matter how much land you are considering you will have neighbors. Be certain to take some time getting to know the area and who your neighbors may be. You can always visit with potential neighbors and ask them how they feel about living in this particular area. Be sure to read Research Potential Neighborhoods for tips and ideas.


What type of waste management system do you plan to use? Whether you are considering a lagoon or septic system you’ll want to be sure that with your type of financing whichever you select is acceptable to your lender. Also, be sure prior to the install you have a soil morphology evaluation and or a peculation test done. You can read more about that at the University of Missouri Extension. Watch this video on Septics 101 for a quick overview of septic systems.



When you are out walking the property and see what looks like a driveway don’t assume that it’s your access to the road. Be certain without any doubt that you have access rights. If not you could be without a way to get to your property. If there is a private drive you’ll need to also know who is responsible for the maintenance. Often times gravel roads need additional gravel to make it suitable for driving on. It’s road maintenance.


Speaking of roads it is also important to know about easements. An easement is the privileges and rights that another person may have to access your land. This is also important to know because particular easements are needed for your utilities.
Utilities. Where will you get yours? If you are considering vacant land or any land that has not already been hooked up to utilities you need to contact the utility company, Intercounty Electric, to confirm that there is indeed access to service. Don’t assume if you see the neighbors utility pole that you have access on your property.

And as always you’ll want a Rolla real estate agent who understands your dreams and goals. I’m your girl! Call me and let’s discuss your future home together. I’m happy to show your homes for sale Rolla, MO whether in the country or inside the city limits! Be sure to check out Five Steps to Ease Home Buying Stress and Anxiety.




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