Decks, Porches and Love.

Katherine Stanislawski
Published on June 16, 2016

Decks, Porches and Love.

With the heat index creeping up it can be a challenge to enjoy your outdoor living space. Considering these upgrades to make spending time on your porch or deck much more comfortable.

Do like the southerners. Paint your porch or deck ceiling a pale blue.  According to legend it keeps spirits away but many claim that it keeps insects away as well. A good enough reason for me. Plus, it looks like sky and makes the space feel open. You can read about the history of the “haint blue” paint color here.

Greensboro House
Photo by Coggan + Crawford Architecture + Design – Source
Add a couple of ceiling fans. This can really help keep the seating area much cooler and can also deter insects.
Cottage Gardens
Outdoor settees are great but consider adding a daybed or better yet, a daybed that swings. It would make a great place to catch up on some reading or snuggle time.
Azalea Ridge
Aced wood shop? Build one yourself!

A sure way to enjoy your deck or porch even during the buggiest time of the year is to screen it in. It’s also something that buyers really like. Done well, it will certainly add value to your outdoor living space and you can easily enjoy the space throughout all four seasons. .

Alford Residence
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